AHRMS, Inc. as Japanese Agent of Vetnosis

Vetnosis is a leading research and consulting firm specialising in global animal health and veterinary medicine.
The company was formed in January 2008 through a MBO of Wood Mackenzie’s animal health business.
The first research was published in 1986 and we celebrate 26 years of animal health sector research and consulting this year.
They deliver independent and insightful information and advice to animal health companies, financial services firms and other stakeholders through their research products and consulting services.

AHRMS has been appointed as agent for Vetnosis since January 2012, and we hope that we can contribute to Japanese animal health industries through supplying valuable global animal health information with helop of Vetnosis.

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    • Animal Health Service
    • vPAT-Online
  • One-off reports
    • Innovation & Generic Insights
    • Animal Health in Focus
    • Emerging Asia Outlook