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Corporate Name: AHRMS,Inc.
CEO: Yuki Ujimasa, DVM, MS
Address: 3-10-9 Oyamadai, Setagaya-ku,Tokyo,Japan 158-0086
TEL. 03-6324-6781
FAX. 03-6324-6781
mail:info*ahrms.jp (*=@)
Form mail: Here
Capital: JPY 5,000,000
Foundation: January 2006
Main Bank: MUFG Bank
Affiliated companies:
Vm3, Inc.(Vm3.jp) CEO
EBM Trading Japan, K.K. Board Director

Business License:
– Marketing License of 1st Animal Medicines incl. biologicals
– Manufacturing License of Animal Medicines
– Marketing License of 2nd Animal Medical Devices
– Manufacturing License of Animal Medical Devices
– Wholesale Lincense of Animal Medicines and Animal Medical Devices
– Retail Lincense of Animal Medicines and Animal Medical Devices

AHRMS’s Business menu:
[Support for Clients’ Business License Obtainment and Renewal]
– Manufacturing License of Animal Medicines / Medical Devices / Diagnostics
– Marketing License of Animal Medicines / Medical Devices / Diagnostics
– Wholesale License of Animal Medicines / Medical Devices / Diagnostics
– Retail License of Animal Medicines / Medical Devices / Diagnostics
– Foreign Manufacturer Accreditation and Renewal

[Support for Marketing Authorization]
– Practical Support for Development of Veterinary Products, Veterinary Medical Equipment and Veterinary in vitro devices etc.
– Gap Analysis of Application Dossier between Japan and Europe/USA
– Preparation of Preliminary Consultation Paper to J-MAFF
Consultation Service for Formulating Development Course
– Practical Support to Develop Dossier/Summary Document/Technical Documentation, etc.
– Practical Support for Hearing/Investigation Committees (incl. participation) until getting Marketing Authorization

[Support for Registration and Marketing of Animal Health Product]
We, AHRMS, Inc., maintain the following business licenses:
– Importing and marketing license of animal medicines
– Manufacturing (stock, package, and label) license of animal medicines
– Importing and marketing license of Class II animal medical devices and in vitro diagnostics for animal use
– Manufacturing license of Class II animal medical devices and in vitro diagnostics
– Wholesale license of animal medicines, animal medical devices and diagnostics (to companion animal veterinarians, equine practitioners, and food animal vets)
– Retail license of animal medicines and animal medical devices (to pet owners)
We register, import, stock, and label animal health products, ship them to veterinarians and/or pet owners, track them and collect a bill.
Also, our clients can start business without any entities in Japan by appointing us as their D-MAH (designated marketing authorization holder).

[Business Consulting]
– Strategy Formulation of New Market Creation
– Consultation Service for New Product Development and Launch
– Tailor-Made Market Research/Industry Trend Research
– Intermediate Agent for Corporate Alliance, M&A, etc.
– Partner Findings for New Entry into Japanese Market
– Establishment of Organization of Consortium
– Company training for new recruit, sales staff, etc.
– Market Research
– Product Registration Achievements (excerpt)
> Animal Drugs:
– ACE Inhibitor for dogs
– Carditant for dogs
– NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for horses and dogs
– Heartworm Preventive for dogs
– Prostaglandin F2Alpha analogue for cattle and swine
– Wormers for horses, cows, and pigs
> Biologicals
– FeLV/ FIV Diagnosis Kits for cats
– In vitro Device for Echinococcus infections
> Medical Devices:
– Microchip identification needles for horses
– Needle-free Injector
– Automated injection machines
– Biochemical Analyzer
– Radio knife for surgery

[Japanese Agent Business]
– D-MAH (Designated Marketing Authorization Holder)
– Act as Client’s subsidiary in Japan
– Brakke Consulting, Inc. (2014-Present)
– Senior Consultant
– Intermediate Agent for Corporate Alliance, M&A, etc.
– Market Research in the US, EU, and China
– Association of Veterinary Consultants, AVC (2018-Present)
– Vetnosis (UK) (2012-2021)

[Public Affairs / Contracted Business]
– Japan Industry Representative, VICH Electric File Transfer Working Group (2013-Present)
– Japan Industry Representative, VICH Pharmacovigilance Working Group (2008-Present)
– Secretary General, Consortium for Japanese Veterinary Medicinal Products Manufacturers (2012-Present)
– Chairman, Committee for Mockup of Veterinary Diagnosis Kits by JMAFF (2014)
– Chairman, Committee for Mockup of Veterinary Medical Devices by JMAFF (2013)
– Consortium for Development of FMD Rapid Diagnosis Kit by JMAFF (2011)
– Consortium for Regulatory Reform of Animal Health Products (2010-2011)
– Consortium for International Harmonization of Animal Health Products (2010-2013)
– Committee for Promotion of Safe Use of Eco Feed (2009-2010)
– Preparation of Animal Health Products Marketing Approval Application Summary Report Exploratory Committee (2009)
– Committee for Establishment of Veterinary Information System about Pet Food Safety (2009)
– Development of Positive List Value Search System (2007)

[Writing Career]
– Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association No. 10, Vol. 72, Oct. 2019
– JVPA Digest Published by Japan Veterinary Products Association
(Trend of Restructuring Vet Pro Industry & Current Status of Animal Business.pdf :Special thanks to Zoetis for translation into English)
– Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association
http://nichiju.lin.gr.jp/mag/06501/a2.pdf (Sorry in Japanese)
And many others

[Lecture for Veterinarians in Japan and overseas countries (excerpt)]
> 2021
– Marketing by Animal Hospitals in New Norrmal (after COVID-19) era
> 2020
– The Future Trend of Animal Medicines and Veterinary Services in Japan and The World
> 2019
– Regulatory Pathways and Market Access in Japan – Animal Health Innovation Asia 2019
– Ethics and Risks in Prescription of Non-approved Medicines for Both of Human and Animals by Veterinarians under their Discretionary Power & Global Counterfeit Distribution
> 2018
– Biotech Innovation in Japan (in Hong Kong)Animal Health Innovation Asia 2018 in Hong Kong
– The trend is changing. Do you realize how veterinary medicines will be?
> 2017
– Ethics and Risks – Veterinarians’ discretionary power
> 2016
– Animal Medicines born in Japan, grown and bloomed in the World
– Sosiété Franco-Japonaise des Sciences Vétérinaries in Annecy, France
> 2015
– How to Prepare for Pet Population Decreasing
> 2014
– Japanese Animal Health Industry Overview
(As Joint Seminar with Brakke Consulting, Inc. in Las Vegas, NV, USA)
> 2013
– Current and Future Situation of Animal Health Industries
> 2012
– Veterinary practices will be industrialized.
– Vets’ Anti-Commodity Strategy – Dealing with Pet Population Decreasing