Current situation and Future of Veterinary Medicines and Related Industries in Japan and the US – New Technologies that Change Future –

The captioned article has been written by Dr. Yuki Ujimasa, DVM, MS, President of AHRMS, Inc., and published on the Journal of the Japan Veterinary Medical Association since October 2019. It recently became public via the following link:
Sorry to say, it is described only in Japanese. The chapters of the article are as follows:
1. Recent activities by multi-national animal health pharmaceutical companies and domestic companies
2. New technologies that can change husbandry industries
3. Impact of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases in food animals and Possibilities of plant-based meat and cultured meat
4. Telemedicine in veterinary medicines
5. Changes of distribution system and home-delivery in companion animal medicines
6. Necessity for review of veterinary advertising regulations
7. Conclusions
8. Acknowledgment