New Minister of AFF will be determined on Sep. 30th, 2021.

Prime Minister Suga has decided not to run for the presidential election, so a new prime minister will be elected on September 29th.
Since the Cabinet will be formed by the new Prime Minister, it is expected that the new Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries will be decided on September 30th.
Therefore, companies planning to apply to the MAFF should be aware that the minister’s name must be changed depending on whether the application is filed within September or the application is delayed in October.

Caution! Minister of Agriculture may be changed due to reshuffle of the Cabinet next week

When we file NADA, ANADA, FMA or any other applications, we are required to correctly write the current minister’s name of MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) on the application cover letter.

According to a breaking news today, Mr. Suga, Prime Minister, is planning to reshuffle the cabinet next week. It means that the minister of agriculture may be changed from Mr. Nogami to someone.

We have to pay attention to it because we don’t want to correct our application letter.
In fact, we are planning to file an application and decide to do it within this week.
(Sorry! this article is written in Japanese)