Animal Health Investment Oneのプログラム


今日からオンラインで始まるAnimal Health Investment Oneの主なプログラムは次の通りです。やはり時差がありますから日本から参加するには深夜になりますが、新技術やイノベーション、 遠隔診療、投資家の観点など、とても興味深いですね。

Animal Health Investment One
  • 6月23日(火)
    • 22:00-23:00 (日本時間)
      • Animal Health Pharma and Covid-19: Lessons Learned, New Scenarios and opportunities for Animal Health
        • パネリストの所属:Elanco, Idea, Zoetis, and Virbac
  • 6月24日(水)
    • 00:00-00:20
      • The Industry Response in Light of the Covid-19 Crisis
        • スピーカーの所属:HealthforAnimals
    • 00:40-01:40
      • The Vet Profession during Covid-19: Future Strategies on the Farm and in Practice
        • パネリストの所属:British Veterinary Association, Merck, Covetrus, Kisaco Research, and Stonehaven Consulting
    • 02:20-03:00
      • Innovation Opportunities for Animal Health in a World Changed by Covid-19
        • スピーカーの所属:Zoetis
    • 22:00-23:00
      • Biotech: How to Build a Business During Isolation and Social Distancing
        • パネリストの所属:Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Resilient Biotics, Glysantis, K9 Biotech, British Veterinary Association, and Petmedix
  • 6月25日(木)
    • 00:00-01:00
      • Telemedicine and the Ongoing Importance and External Innovation in Animal Health
        • パネリストの所属:British Veterinary Association, Elanco, and VetNOW
    • 02:00-03:00
      • Telemedicine: Customer Adoption in Response to Covid-19 and the Next Steps for the Technology
        • パネリストの所属:VetCT, Babelbark, Pawsquad, Firstvet, and Fuzzy
    • 22:00-23:00
      • The Next Era of Innovation in Animal Health
        • パネリストの所属:Stonehaven Consulting and Stonehaven Incubate
  • 6月26日(金)
    • 00:00-01:00
      • The Investors Perspective: Opportunities in Animal Health in the Age of Covid-19
        • パネリストの所属:NovaQuest, Paine Schwartz, TechAccell, Anterra, and Octopus Ventures
    • 02:00-03:00
      • Venture Funds: How Venture Funds are Approaching Strategic Investments in this Period of Uncertainty
        • パネリストの所属:Trendlines AgTech, Nutreco, Digitalis Ventures, Seventure, and Anterra